How we fit a wow saddle to your horse

WOW Saddle Gauge

Whether  fitting a horse for a new saddle, or checking the fit of an existing saddle, the WOW saddle Gauge takes away any subjective guess work in finding the correct saddle fit for your horse. With an existing  saddle, the gauge can be set up to the current saddle specification to check that it is correct for your horse. If it says it does not fit, then the gauge  can be used to work out the correct specification so that it does. 

The benifits for measuring a horse with the WOW saddle Gauge

The WOW Saddle Gauge is able to reproduce every single possible fitting permutation for the WOW range of saddles which adds up to a staggering 567  combinations! Furthermore, the gauge can tell me the bearing surface  size and length for your horse and even gives a indication as to what  type of girthing  would be require. 

Individual Design Detailing

Customise your new saddle with contrasting leather colours and textures combinations , together with stitchings, and even add some   Bling with Swarvoski Crystals for a genuinely unique saddle. 

Saddle Fitting FAQ

Remember, feet, teeth, and SADDLES, need regular attention for optimum comfort and performance!


Q.... If I currently own a WOW saddle, are you able to check its fit, and what does the refitting involve?


A.... Yes I am able to do a complete assessment of your current saddle, it's condition, how it fits your horse, and yourself, for your particular discipline and provide a written document detailing the specification your horse requires of a WOW saddle.


Q.... What is involved in the assessment?

A......You will be asked to ride your horse in all three gaits as you normally would, and I will take a short vidoe to be able to show you comparisons following a refit.

Q... What happens next?

A.... I will measure your horse's back profile using the WOW gauge (see picture and details of it below), and then I will be able to make an informed decision as to the correct specification for your horse, as well as the girthing. If the saddle components are incorrect for your horse, I will be able to change them should you wish me to.


As long as the correct components are assembled to make up the correct saddle for you and your horse, the fit can further be fine-tuned by adjusting the airing in the panels to bring the saddle into perfect balance, and at the same time any asymetrical adjustments can be taken into account. This involves you riding your horse in the usual way, and stopping when needing to make the airing adjustments. Once we are both satisfied with the fit I will then make another short video for our records.


Q……How often should my saddle be checked.

A……Depending on your horse’s condition coupled with the work that your horse does, he/she will change shape. Bearing that in mind, saddles need altering to ensure a perfect fit to avoid soreness and possible behavioural problems under saddle, so anything from between every 6 weeks to every 6 months. 

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