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At Art2ride, we take the view that horses are sentinel creatures that if they are to be able to remain healthy both physically and mentally into old age (our Brood Mare is now 21 and still fit as a fiddle!) without injuries caused by inappropriate training methods, many criteria need to be fulfilled. Apart from the husbandry side of keeping horses, (which we are able to advise on also), we concentrate on the training of horses in what we consider to be an ethical manner. If like us, you are tired of  the "push and pull" methods commonly taught to keep your horse "between hand and Leg" so as not to "allow the energy to escape out the front end like a leaking hose pipe" etc, etc ( all common meaningless expressions heard from the Equestrian Establishment these days ), then consider alternative ways of training and riding your horse. Learn how to teach your horse true self carriage, in Rassemble (Collection) where by the horse actually learns to carry himself in balance ALL THE TIME, without reliance on the rider to constantly maintain it for him. This will therefore, over time, make redundant the employment of endless "Half Halts" to "rebalance the horse". 

Jump and Cross Training

As we do not have an all weather Menage, but rely on a grass one, those months of the year when the ground is too wet to use the grass schooling areas, we concentrate on putting all the Baucher exercises learnt in the School, into practice in the "great outdoors". Ranvers, Travers, and all the lateral movements including Piaffe and Passage are carried out whilst Hacking Out. Should we need a school there are several in the locality available for hire, but we much prefer to put into practice all our techniques learnt in the School, in the exciting environment of the Sussex Downs!  We have a jumping lane set up in the field, which we use for loose jumping as well as being ridden through, together with a few Cross Country Jumps and ditches.


 The method we use is certainly not new, and is the method developed some 150 years ago in France by  Francois Baucher. He is NOT considered to be of the French Classical School as one might see at the current day Cadre Noir in Saumur.  In fact they rejected his methods as too difficult to teach riders, not withstanding the fact that some of the Senior Riders used his methods secretly!  The French School of today has recently been recognised by USESCO who have  added it to their list of intangible cultural heritages. The Cadre Noir and the French School has never been Baucherist, despite the fact that Baucher was French. The French School as seen today is COMPLTLEY different from Baucherism. Baucher it should be noted, was the first person to be able to train a horse to the Tempi Changes. Since his method was developed, the methodology has been subjected to much criticism, mostly unfair, and was originally generated by contemporary rival Masters of Equitation of his era, both in France and Germany. Unfortunately the results of these petty rivalries linger to this day. So much so, very few people have even heard of the founder of this method of Training and those that have, usually discount his methods equally without full objective knowledge of Baucherism. However, at Art2ride, we  have converted our training and riding methods literally "overnight" from following the German Training Scales to those of the Baucherist ones. These scales of Training are reliant of Balance first BEFORE movement, much as in Classical Ballet. We discovered that all 5 horses responded very swiftly, by improving their Balance whilst in Motion, and in all their gaits progressively thereafter. When Jumping and Hacking out, obedience to the rider is also much improved. The Baucherist method when trained correctly, is kinder to the horse and easier for the rider once both understand  fully the concepts and language of the aids as a method of training and riding  horses. Those that have studied the method, and put it into practice in recent times include, Nuno Oliveira,  Dom Diogo De Braganca   and Jean Claude Racinet. It is from their writings, as well as the original French text by Baucher himself in 1842 that we at art2ride have drawn our knowledge and applied that knowledge in a practical way to all 5 of our horses. We are now able to pass this knowledge on through offering Training sessions with your horse at your premises. If you require us to demonstrate the methods on our own horses or mount your own horse to explain to him/her the aids, then we are able to also do that.  Baucher also developed what is considered  "The Golden Key" of equitation. The Effect d'Ensemble. This "procedure", is best described as a Brief and subtle application of all the aids at once, to "restore balance and order" whilst in motion, without stopping, and certainly without any pulling on the reins. Whilst being an indispensable technique which avoids any brutal fights with the horse's mouth,  it does require enormous rider tact and impeccable timing to be effective, together with a confirmed independent seat. The Effect d'Ensemble, and all it's nuances, is an indispensable  tool for achieving complete Fidelity between horse and rider, especially in challenging environments and situation. We at Art2ride are able to explain and teach this, to advance riders and their horses once all the concepts of Baucherism are fully understood.  

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